Back to You

It’s that time again. When I have to step out of my introverted, wallflower shoes and jump on the self-promotion trail.

June 12 marks the publication of my third novel, Back to You. Back to You is a novel of romantic suspense, about a man who returns home to be at his estranged father’s deathbed and reconnects with his childhood friend and possibly first love, Benji. But a twenty-year old secret could spell the end of their budding romance before it even begins. It’s got dysfunctional families, small town secrets, a bit of a mystery, and first loves.

I’m always proud of my work for different reasons, but Back to You really represents the direction I see myself headed—a blend of romance and fiction. I was a little uncertain about how the romance would be received as it is secondary to the plot, but the early reviews have been good so far. Publisher’s Weekly specifically mentioned “the author’s deft plotting and prose, skillful uses of red herrings, and strong character development”.

I always feel I should be more excited than I am on release day. It’s not that I’m not happy, or grateful, or anxious to see how it’s received, but I’ve been carrying this baby around for a year and a half and mostly I just can’t wait for it to be delivered to the reading public.

To give you an idea of how long it takes me from inception to publication, I started plotting Back to You way back in December 2015. That took about two months, and writing didn’t actually begin until February 2016. My internal target was to finish by September 2016, and although my publisher was aware of what I was working on and had reviewed my synopsis, I didn’t sign a contract at that time. I’m always hesitant to contract a book too early in advance in case life happens. To me there is nothing worse than breaking my word and missing a deadline. At any rate, by spring it was clear I was on target, so I signed a contract with Riptide and delivered the first draft of the manuscript in September 2016. That led to an extensive editing and re-write phase between January and April 2017, and then finally release in June! It’s no wonder that by the time a book makes it to market I’ve lost a bit of enthusiasm.

Check out my virtual book tour June 12-17 where I’ll be giving away a $20 Riptide gift certificate. The complete list of dates and participating blogs can be found on the Riptide website:

I’ll be wrapping up the week on June 17 at 1pm EDT with an author take over on the Queeromance Ink Facebook page where I’ll be giving away some signed paperback copies.


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