Hi There!

I’m Chris Scully, and I live in Toronto, Canada. When I was a kid, my cousin, a born storyteller, introduced me to the joys of imagination and taught me how to make up stories. I grew up spinning romantic stories in my head and always dreamed of one day being a writer even though life had other plans. My characters have accompanied me through career turns as a librarian and an IT professional, until finally, to escape the tedium of a corporate day job, I took a chance and began putting them down on paper.

After more than twenty years of reading traditional M/F romance, I was getting tired of reading the same thing over and over. Then I discovered M/M romance and that inspired me to start writing. I divide my time between a mundane 9-5 cubicle job and a much more interesting fantasy life. When I’m not working or writing (which isn’t often these days) I love puttering in the garden and traveling. I’m an avid reader (across many genres) and I try to bring pieces of other genres and styles to my stories. While my head is crammed full of all the things I’d like to try writing, my focus is always on the characters first. My characters are authentic, ordinary people—the kind of guy you might meet on the street, or the one who might be your best friend.

I’m not great at keeping up with social media given my schedule, but I still do love to hear from readers.

Connect with Chris:

Website: chrisscullyblog.wordpress.com

Facebook: facebook.com/chris.scully.author

Goodreads: goodreads.com/author/show/6152322.Chris_Scully

Email: cscully@bell.net


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