Touch Me: Racy Excerpt

This excerpt is intended for mature audiences only. It contains explicit erotic content between two men.


Touch Me Cover_smHe lightly ran his hands over the twin mounds of Jeremy’s buttocks and then down the backs of his thighs. The crisp hairs tickled his palms as he worked in the oil. Jeremy’s balls lay pillowed on the table between his parted legs, large, pink and nearly hairless. Erik purposefully let his knuckles brush the sensitive sac, grinning when the kid twitched at the unexpected touch. He continued his exploration, back up to that tight ass where he dug his fingers into the firm flesh and kneaded the pale globes, which earned him a muffled grunt from Jeremy.

“Is this okay?” Erik asked.

“Yeah.” It sounded like a sigh. Encouraged, Erik massaged deeper, sometimes shifting to work on Jeremy’s lower back, or down to his thighs, but always coming back to his ass, warming him up for what would come next.

Placing his palms together, Erik ran the sides of his hands down Jeremy’s downy crease, separating his cheeks. Jeremy’s legs twitched again. Oh, he loved the responsive ones. He repeated the motion, slower this time. Then he moved on down Jeremy’s left leg, all the way to his foot. When he was done, he started all over again and worked on the right leg this time.

Soon Jeremy’s hips were moving in small circles, humping the cotton-covered table. Erik knew from experience how soft the high thread count felt against bare skin. He let the kid enjoy it for a bit before reigning him back in. “None of that now,” he cautioned with a light smack to one butt cheek. The flesh quivered and immediately pinkened. Erik fought the urge to lick the sting away. He was turned on already and he’d barely even played with the boy.

He reached beneath Jeremy’s body, found his growing cock and tucked it downward so that it speared out from between his spread legs. The plump head begged for attention and made Erik’s mouth water. He would have to come back to that later.

He held Jeremy’s ass cheeks apart and looked his fill. The kid squirmed restlessly on the table, and as Erik watched, his cock grew longer, harder, the glans flushing a deeper shade of pink. Erik bent forward, pursed his lips and blew a trickle of air over that virginal hole. He watched it contract in response. A startled squeak came from the head of the table, and Jeremy raised his head.

“Relax,” Erik urged softly. Jeremy lay back down obediently.

He ran the tips of his fingers up and down Jeremy’s crack, ruffling the sprinkling of fine hairs, until the young man was tipping his hips up in anticipation of each pass. Almost ready, he thought eagerly. When he tapped his index finger against Jeremy’s hole, his entire body quivered.

Erik reached for the lube, poured a bit on his finger and rubbed Jeremy’s asshole, not penetrating, just circling the opening. A long moan came from the head of the table.

“Is that how you like it?”

“Yes.” A bead of precome seeped from Jeremy’s cock slit. Yes, he definitely liked this. Keeping one finger playing with Jeremy’s hole, Erik reached for Jeremy’s dick with his other hand, ran his thumb down the weeping slit and used kid’s own lubrication to rub matching circles against the underside of his cock, just below the head. Jeremy’s body jerked as though he’d been electrocuted.

“Stop,” he gasped. Erik froze but didn’t remove his hands. “You’re gonna make me nut.”

From Touch Me: An Erotic Romance by Chris Scully
Available September 23, 2014 in all Amazon stores:



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