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Listed in order of publication date.

Fourth and Long

He’s approaching forty, alone, and in a dead-end job. Eric Somers’s life has been defined by a single unfortunate decision made decades ago, when he turned his back on shy outcast Jake Lockwood, afraid of his feelings for the boy and what they meant. The tragic consequences of Jake’s isolation have haunted Eric ever since. Now, through a magical encounter with his old football coach, Eric finds himself back in 1991 with a chance at redemption. Can Eric find a way to redeem his long ago sins and reclaim a better future?

Date: June, 2012

Heat: Low (no sex)
Available from: Dreamspinner Press

Origins: This short novella was written specifically for Dreamspinner’s Time is Eternity anthology. At the time I was looking for a way to “break in” and this was one of the calls for submissions that appealed to me. Since I couldn’t do a time travel story in such a short word count, I decided to go with a “Back to the Future” approach and come up with a story in which the main character has to right a wrong in order to move on with his life. Originally I was going to have Jake’s character die after being attacked, but that was too sad for me and got into all sorts of paradoxical questions about time and changing history that much.



After a car accident, Adam wakes up in a hospital room with no memory and a man named Joe, who acts like his boyfriend. So when Joe says Adam is straight—and Joe’s not—and they’re just best friends and roommates, Adam is more than a little confused. But as Adam starts to fill in the gaps, the one thing that becomes apparent is that Joe is the missing piece that can’t be replaced.

Date: December 2012

Heat: Kissing and making out
Available from: Dreamspinner Press

Origins: This was one of the first m/m pieces I wrote (and my favourite). It started out as 9 pages of banter and snowballed from there. Inseparable was originally titled A Christmas to Remember (cheesy I know) and thank goodness the editors at Dreamspinner suggested the new title. It was one of those happy coincidences, a whole bunch of random ideas that came together. I love best friends-to-lovers stories and I’m fascinated by bro-mance, so I wanted to do something with these themes. At the same time, I found myself thinking about what we would do if we weren’t tied to our past–that’s where the amnesia angle came from. The characters themselves were inspired by 2 guys in my office who I always saw together; one totally became the model for Adam (right down to his appearance). My biggest lesson learned from this was to never base characters on real people–I mean people you see every day–because it becomes way too confusing when you run into them in the elevator and you’re thinking “Oh my God, it’s Adam!” and blushing because of what you made him do last night.


The Bodyguard’s Dilemma

Logan Chase has spent his life protecting people; first as an LAPD cop, then later in private security. When a routine job safeguarding infamous porn star Tyler Hart leaves him head over heels for the much younger man, Logan’s cautious nature is tested. But the delicious twink is hardly suitable relationship material, and, on his forty-fifth birthday, Logan is faced with a choice between what his head thinks is right and what his heart really wants.

Date: February 2013

Heat: Kissing and making out
Available from: Dreamspinner Press as part of Snow on the Roof Anthology (Out of print)

Origins: This story was inspired by a real-life person, who I don’t know, but whom I obsess over on Twitter–only his real story is a hundred times more unbelievable. The romantic in me wanted to write him a happy ending, so I came up with the perfect man for him in Logan. These characters sat in the back of my mind for a while. This actually was going to be a longer work but I just couldn’t get inspired by the storyline, so when this anthology was announced it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Instead of all the boring bits I jumped ahead to the critical moment.


When Adam Kissed Me (Sequel to Inseparable)

WhenAdamKissedMeNine and a half weeks ago, Joe Massone got the surprise of his life when his straight best friend and secret crush, Adam, kissed him. At the time, Adam was recovering from an accident that left him with temporary amnesia and broken ribs, so Joe isn’t sure if he should take it seriously. Is Adam really gay? Or was the blow to his head to blame? Having secretly loved Adam since they were teenagers, Joe doesn’t want to get his hopes up and have his heart broken.

Despite that first kiss, Joe and Adam are still in limbo—now more than friends, but not quite lovers. Adam’s injuries have meant they can’t take their relationship to the next level, and for Joe, not much has changed from when they were just best friends and roommates. He starts to think neither of them is ready to take that final step.

Patience stretched to the limit, Adam makes plans to break the stalemate. But when Joe sabotages things by inviting their friends along, Adam is left to wonder if their new relationship is over before it’s even started. Before he gives up, though, he’s determined to prove to Joe he wants more than just a kiss.

Date: December 2013

Heat: Oral
Available from: Dreamspinner Press



Rebound_smallChristmas is a time for peace, love, and goodwill toward mankind. Not! More like cheating exes and absentee friends. For Emmett Byrd, spending the holiday season with his old college friend Terry in San Diego is supposed to be about mending his broken heart. But when Terry deserts him at the last minute, leaving Emmett alone in his condo for Christmas, it’s just the icing on the cake of a crappy year full of betrayal and lost love. The only Christmas spirit this Scrooge is feeling is the alcoholic kind. Then a slightly kooky, unsophisticated farm boy named Sky knocks on the door looking for Terry, and a case of mistaken identity reawakens Emmett’s hope in happily ever after.

Date: December 2013

Heat: Kissing
Available from: Dreamspinner Press. Part of Christmas Anthology 2013


Touch Me: An Erotic Romance

Touch Me: An Erotic Romance

Massage therapist Erik Morgan offers a very special after-hours service to a handful of select clients. From a young man anxious to explore his sexuality, to a stroke patient who fears he’ll never be a man again, Erik touches them all. But no one touches him. Not anymore.

Faced with a very personal tragedy, Erik loses himself in helping others. Until one brave client turns the tables and gets under his skin, and Erik finds himself touched in unexpected ways.

Date: September 23, 2014

Heat: Explicit scenes of erotic massage, edging, rimming, m/m sex and a vibrator or two.
Available from: Amazon


Nights Like These

NightsLikeThese_sm2Starting over sucks. At forty, Miles Koprowski thought he had life all figured out. He had a nice car, a hot young lover and a cushy job… and then he didn’t. Call it fate, or karma or a downturn in the market but this opinionated cynic is now forced to play rent-a-cop in a dying office building in the burbs just to make ends meet. Throw in an unhinged ex, a co-worker who hates him and a hot new boss, and this is his life.

Miles doesn’t plan on liking the night shift, or becoming embroiled in a mystery that reawakens old passions and puts him in danger. And he certainly doesn’t plan on falling for the overbearing head of security, Colton Decker, former soldier and doting dad. But nights like these can change a man, make him start to believe there’s more to life than a high-paying job and a warm body in the bed. With a thief on the loose and his new job in jeopardy, Miles will have to decide what’s truly important. If he’s ready, he could have everything he never knew he wanted… as long as he makes it until morning.

Date: January 2015
Heat: Moderate (oral)
Available from: Dreamspinner Press


Until September

Book cover: Until September by Chris ScullyAs a teenager, Archie Noblesse clawed his way out of the poverty, heartache, and abuse of the reservation and left his family behind. Desperate to shake the shadow of his past, he reinvents himself as Archer Noble, an outspoken blogger and controversial author who lives only for himself. But when his beloved sister dies, Archer is saddled with guardianship of his niece and nephew.

Elementary school teacher Ryan Eriksson is devastated when his best friend Marguerite is killed, leaving her two young children orphaned. Helping Archer with his new responsibilities eases his grief, but when Archer offers him custody of the children, Ryan’s left with an impossible choice: get the family he’s always wanted, or respect Margie’s wishes and convince Archer to give parenting—and his heritage—a chance.

BestsellerIcon100X100To buy time, Ryan promises to stay for the summer, hoping that Archer will change his mind and fall for the kids. But Archer’s reluctant, and the growing attraction between him and Ryan complicates matters. Legal decisions must be made, and soon, before Ryan returns to school. But with hearts involved, more than just the children’s future is on the line.

Date: February 2016
Heat: Moderate (oral and penetrative sex)
Available from: Riptide Publishing



Continuation of Inseparable and When Adam Kissed Me. Peter’s story.

Happy_cover_smGrowing up Greek-Canadian, Peter Georgiou always knew his duty was to his family. It may be the twenty-first century, but for him the old rules still apply. In his early thirties, he still lives at home, dates who his parents want him to date, and works at the family restaurant. But watching his best friends find happiness together has made him question his own.

When Louie Papadakis returns home to nurse his broken heart and start a new life, he can’t believe his sister is dating his high school crush, Peter. There’s a sadness behind Peter’s eyes that draws him in and a chemistry he wishes he could ignore. But after being hurt by his in-the-closet ex, Louie is afraid to trust his heart, especially to a man with secrets.

Date: March 30, 2016
Heat: Moderate (oral)
Available from: Dreamspinner Press


Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb"" sign on hotel room's doorCheck-in for a night at the boutique Benton Hotel, where the motto is “we’re not satisfied until you are”, with this collection of three sweet and sexy short stories.

In Watch Me, a hotel clerk makes a surprising discovery about his colleague’s personal life, and an even more unexpected discovery about himself when he borrows a uniform, while a married man looking to spice things up finds a night of passion when he meets a stranger in a hotel pub in Wedded. Finally, in Wanted, a young man exploring his sexuality gets more than he bargained for from his hook-up.

Date: January 12, 2017
Heat: Explicit
Available from: Amazon and Kobo


Back to You

Journalist Alex Buchanan has come home to the remote British Columbia town he grew up in, but only because his estranged father is dying. For Alex, the homecoming holds a mix of memories, mostly bad. The only bright spot is reconnecting with Benji Morning, the childhood friend he never truly forgot. As boys, the strength of their bond had frightened Alex. But now that he’s confident in his bisexuality, he’s drawn back to quiet, soft-spoken Ben.

Ben isn’t the same boy Alex left behind, though. His life has been overshadowed by the disappearance of his sister two decades earlier, and now a new break in the case threatens to undo the peace he’s worked so hard to attain.

As Alex struggles to repair the relationship with his father before it’s too late, he finds himself caught up in a twenty-year-old mystery, a story he never expected, and a shocking truth that could affect his and Ben’s future together.

Date: June 12, 2017
Heat: Moderate
Available from: Riptide and other major retailers



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